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Crushes are Weird

When you think about it, crushes are pretty weird. That person you like, that one person, has so much power over you. Whether you know them well or not, this person has the power to make or break your day with just one gesture. If they just touch your arm or back, you are in bliss for so long, but if they only look away from you, it makes you question everything. This one person is on your mind 24/7 and makes you smile if you even think about them. You want to learn about this person so much that you look wherever you can find them on the internet feeling like a creep the whole time but still doing it. And while everyone else seems normal around them, here you are wanting so badly to kiss them right then and there. So much of your energy is focused on this person being happy even if they aren’t doing the same for you. And yet you still fixate on this person despite their assumed or clear feelings about you. Whether they know it or not, this person influences many of your decisions. You might go to places you think you might not enjoy just because they are going to be there. Yet despite all the drama associated with a crush, you don’t want to stop liking them. Despite all the bad parts, the good parts keep you going. Those times you feel ignored by them are so worth it when they hug you and tell you you’re awesome. It is the most frustrating thing in the world that is too incredible to ever give up. It’s very weird.

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